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Suki Amnell, witch of poisons

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Suki Amnell, witch of poisons Empty Suki Amnell, witch of poisons

Post by musa225 on 2015-11-19, 1:06 pm

Name: Suki Amnell

Age: 16

Gender: Female

What Creature Are you?: Witch

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Magic User

Powers: Poison.

Spells: Telox-A medium spell, A teleportation spell that teleports her up to a half hour away/15 miles.

Toxosity- A medium spell, Toxic partials curse that blinds the opponent for 30 seconds.

Gas Shield- A medium gas cloud that acts like a defense shield, it can last up to two minutes.

Poisoned Air- A low spell, toxins poison the air around the opponent and makes them nauseated for 30 seconds to a minute.

Vapors of Chemistry- A medium spell, a toxic cloud that she can throw at an opponent and it knocks then off balance.

Tetrodotoxin- A high level curse that makes the target paralyzed for three minutes.

Appearance: Pale skin, Dark long hair with red highlights and, pale icy blue eyes, A tattoo on her left shoulder blade of the Bio hazard symbol, likes to wear a lot of dark colors.

Strengths: Chemistry, Botany, quick thinker, and is very good at being a peace keeper.

Weaknesses: There needs to be some toxics around her for her to manipulate, has a fear of water (being around ponds, lakes, ocean giver her anxiety which in turn weakens her powers) and, Public Speaking.

Personality: Suki is a introvert so she is very careful with her words, she always think a before she speaks. She normally ends up being the peace keeper when an argument happens. Because she likes to keep the peace she doesn't always voice her opinion as often as she should and this can lead to miscomputation. She cares very deeply for her family and friends that she calls family. Because she cares so deeply for family she is capable of doing anything and everything to save them, even if it means going totally dark side. This can cloud her judgment if one of them is in trouble. Meeting new people is something that is uncomfortable so she can be a bit of a wall flower at parties.

History: Suki spent most of her life on Lynphea. Her father is a wizard and her mother is a witch, she is also the forth of seven siblings. Samuel(22), Mike(20), Todd(19), Suki(16), Han(14), Jarrett(12) and Jason(11). Suki has never learned how to swim and because of that she almost drowned when she was 10. Suki was the peacekeeper with her siblings and has always disliked when people that she cares about don't get along. Suki was the child that got into trouble the least, which is surprising because the middle child is normally the one to get into trouble the most. Being the only daughter Suki was taught things that most people would call "women's work". Suki's mother had always wanted her Suki to go to Cloud Tower, because she never had any formal training in using her witchcraft and knew that Suki would be a better witch if she went to the school. Suki has know a few other girls that had gone to Cloud Tower and they turned out to be some of the most talented witches that she knew. She was made fun of for having a lisp when she was little and because of being teased about her speech she doesn't like public speaking,(she has since went to speech therapy to correct her lisp).
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