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Hello everyone~

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Hello everyone~

Post by iTiffany on 2013-04-02, 1:28 am

Um hi. My name is Tiffany and I'm 22 years old. I've been watching Winx Club since it's 4Kids days. But I'm not super super into it. I watch episodes randomly when I can. I've been thinking about doing a marathon since I haven't even watched any of season 4.

My favorite Winx girl has got to be Musa. Mostly because I'm a sucker for any animated girl having blue hair. It's my favorite thing in animation ever.

Favorite Character: Musa
Favorite Fairy form: Enchantix & Harmonix
Least Favorite Fairy form: Believix (Bloom's looks so tacky to me. Too cheerleader-ish) :\

Lets see, other than Winx Club, I also watch a lot of anime. Sailor Moon was my first when I was 8 years old. It was also what inspired me to start drawing. And now I'm a total Moonie. I'm super excited for the new anime. But it's been delayed so I don't know when it'll be out. I've seen so much anime so I'll try and get the link to my MAL (MyAnimeList) up here if I can. Check it out if you'd like.

And as for TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Avatar The Last Airbender, Korra, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic(OBSESSED. AND FLUTTERSHY IS BEST PONY!!!), Supernatural, Scrubs, Glee (I used to love it during seasons 1 & 2, but then Blaine transferred to mckinley and everything went downhill. Yeah, I'm not very fond of him or Klaine. Sorry But I absolutely LOVE Kurt) Once Upon A Time (I recently started watching this show and now I'm obsessed with it!!) Boy Meets World, House MD, American Horror Story (I loved Asylum more than Murder House just cause it felt much more intense. Plus Zachary Quinto as an insane man is awesome and disturbing)

Apart from watching the show, I have been buying the dolls recently. The Jakks Pacific dolls are so beautiful, but they really need to stop excluding Musa and Tecna so much. It's annoying. I've been looking for their Believix dolls since January and haven't had any luck. I can only find them on Amazon or Ebay. And I'm looking forward to their Harmonix dolls when they come out this month.

I kinda wanna do self promotion time but I'm not sure if we can link in the introduction posts or not so I'll just wait and see what anyone says about that. Smile

So yeah that's about it. I look forward to meeting all of you! Smile
Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Hello everyone~

Post by DuncanSirenix14 on 2013-04-02, 6:32 am

Hey there Tiff! Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Hello everyone~

Post by Talin on 2013-04-02, 2:37 pm

Hello and welcome... I like Musa too!
Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Hello everyone~

Post by TheOne&Only.WinxClub on 2013-04-03, 1:17 am

Hey there! Welcome to the forum! I am Michelle, you can call me Mich/Miann. Very Happy


They are the One and Only, Winx Club! Very Happy
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Re: Hello everyone~

Post by WinxyLovatic on 2013-04-03, 3:48 am

Hi Tiff! I'm Sophie! Nice to meet ya!

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Re: Hello everyone~

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