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Tritannus and Icy: Your Say

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Tritannus and Icy: Your Say

Post by Bloom Sparx on 2013-03-11, 9:51 pm

Dear Fellow Winx Fans

I am fandubbing a new 4kids version of the fifth season in a while. The story will be almost exactly the same, but for a few listed tweaks and the voices of characters introduced in and up to the third season of 4kids version winx club. I respect the stoyline and those of you who prefer it, but I want your opinion on two things.

Who would you rather voice Tritannus?
Would you rather have a spelled Icy? or a seriously"lovey dovey" Icy?

Also, Here are a few tweaks I'm adding for those of you who will want to watch the new 4kids version of the fifth season.

1. Stella not acting so babyish.
2. Aisha back into Layla (or Aisha as a first, unliked name, and Layla as a middle,prefered, name.

If anyone has anything else they want tweaked, plz post it and I will see about it.

Thank you.

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Bloom Sparx
Bloom Sparx
Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Tritannus and Icy: Your Say

Post by ladykanna on 2013-05-08, 2:37 am

Wow that would be cool to see.

I would like Tritannus to be voiced by someone with somewhat of a deeper voice, more evil sounding like Valtor now he sounded evil in both the 4kids and the Nick version.

I really don't know why they changed Layla to Aisha, its like they couldnt really make up their mind.
But I guess Aisha can still be Aisha since I used to it by now.

I would like a spelled Icy and maybe possibly make Darcy and Stormy have more of a backbone and not have to follow Icy and her new boy toy around >.< But that's just me ranting....Seems to be a habit of theirs ever since Valtor in Season 3.

Other tweaks I would like would be a better storyline where the characters dont blurt out total obvious in the episode after sky loses his memory and bloom gets shot down by the trix and then she gets saved by sky and after the fight is over you hear Icy go : "I hate Bloom" it's lik DUH! >.< Also it irked me in the Xmas episode when I think Darcy was talking about how Bloom has so many friends...>.<

Oh and their love problems with their boyfriends seem pretty pathetic to me...
Please try cut out some of non major sky and bloom's problems.
And try to pull in more of how the other girls are with their boyfriends.
Tecna and Timmy seem so neglected >.<
Flora and Helia got some face time but what's the princess hanging all over Helia??

Sorry to rant....>.<

Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Tritannus and Icy: Your Say

Post by WinxyLovatic on 2013-05-08, 6:04 pm

Great idea! You must PM me the link when you're finished Razz I don't actually like how you will change Aisha to layla. Aisha sounds more royalish though I guess Layla's more of her personailty.

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Re: Tritannus and Icy: Your Say

Post by Sponsored content

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