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Who do YOU think should produce Winx Dolls?

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Who do YOU think should produce Winx Dolls?

Post by The Infinite Winx on 2015-09-07, 6:24 pm

Hi fellow Winx fans and doll collectors,
I've made this topic so we can discuss the future of the Winx Club doll line and other toys. As many of you may know by now, JAKKS Pacific is no longer producing the Winx line which leaves the U.S. once again Winx-less in stores, but since Winx Club will be launched next year on Netflix there is a possibility there may be a launch of dolls and toys to go with it.
If there is a new doll line released, who do YOU think should produce the line? Also who do YOU think would produce the line?
MY personal opinion...
I would love if it was Mattel but I doubt that would be the case, although I could see it being Hasbro possibly, bottom line I have a feeling that dolls will be produced, it is important in them actually making $$$, merchandise is needed, if its airing on Netflix DVDs in the U.S. won't make much so its important to have a supporting toy line and products. flower  

The Infinite Winx
The Infinite Winx

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Re: Who do YOU think should produce Winx Dolls?

Post by aisha238 on 2015-11-01, 10:01 am

I think we should get the Witty Toys dolls to come over here
Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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