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Timmy and Tecna

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Timmy and Tecna

Post by musa225 on 2013-08-10, 4:00 pm

They have to be the cutest couple in my eyes, for me they have the problem that I feel a lot of people have with relationship, technology, for a long time they just texted but now they've gone on a date! I love how awkward they are, like they have feeling for each other but don't know what to do with them.
Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Timmy and Tecna

Post by Ophira on 2013-08-10, 10:31 pm

I think they're very sweet, too. I love how a lot of what keeps them back is their own emotions. It's not quite you're stereotypical "oh my gosh, I love him" romance. I've always liked these two, and A Perfect Date just reinforced that love.

They'd probably be the last to propose, because I could see them being the type to stay together a long time without getting engaged. At the same time, though, I could see them being an old married couple, too! And they likely are the cutest couple on the show.
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