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Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

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Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

Post by The Infinite Winx on 2012-09-16, 3:24 pm

Magical Adventure was just a lot of plot holes for me, I mean Nabu was alive and then the Winx didn't go to the love and pet shop because in the film and they didn't have a place to stay either, which is not true according to season 4.
So do you think Magical Adventure is really apart of Winx's main plot? There is a reason Nick didn't air it after season 4 was it because their we're too many plot holes? :/

The Infinite Winx
The Infinite Winx

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Re: Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

Post by AkshSirenix on 2012-09-16, 3:29 pm

Well, Magical Adventure had already been written before S4, and it was being produced along with S4, that's why there are so many plot holes. They kept the original post-SotLK storyline but only added Believix and Zoomix to it (they didn't even correct Helia's hair, he had his new haircut before the Winx got their Believix). If Enchantix had been retained this film would have fitted perfectly between The Secret of the Lost Kingdom and the 4th season.

Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

Post by DuncanSirenix14 on 2012-09-16, 11:54 pm

This movie was supposed to air right after secret of the lost kingdom. It was a sequel to begin Season 4 and they were done when Season 4 was abt to air. So...... Then they changed Enchantix to Believix.

Another explanation was that the teams which was working on S4 and Magical adv, didnt talk to each other abt it.

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Re: Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

Post by sayuri kudo on 2012-09-17, 6:22 am

I agree . The movie did have many plot holes...They should have retained Enchantix for the movie
sayuri kudo
sayuri kudo
Sirenix Quest
Sirenix Quest

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Re: Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

Post by WinxClubMagic4EVER on 2013-03-07, 6:29 pm

yeah, a bunch of plot holes....... i only that Rainbow Pictures found the plot hole Cool
Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

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Re: Magical Adventure Plot Problems!

Post by Sponsored content

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